CNC MACHINE (Computer Numerical Control)

Is an automatic machine that is operated by a computer program system Which the device will do according to the way that the program is put into operation And can be used in many languages Most of these machines use metal work that requires precision and precision. Or highly complex With the aim of creating a CNC machine to be able to work automatically in a fast, accurate and able to work in complex ways With an electric motor system that uses computer systems to control various angles Thoroughly Make the work piece out well

Advantages of using CNC machines

  • There is a resolution in the work, making various tasks come out standard
  • The work is of equal quality and every piece Because it is a work order by a computer program in the machine Makes the job that has caused very little error
  • Can produce work quickly And use less work space
  • Help reduce the time to check the quality of the workpiece. And reduce labor in production
  • Work efficiently Although the pieces are difficult and highly complex